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Feb. 26th, 2009

miss piggy
I've recently discovered the magic that is consignment stores. I mean, I've known what they are for some time but I'd given up on ever finding a plus size one close to me.

I can't tell you how much I love them. I went to Curvaceous Consignments on Younge Street this week and was pleasantly surprised. There was lots of different styles of clothing, shoes, accessories, and bags. And as with most things, it wasn't all appealing to me, but there was a nice selection in my size. Ok, nothing spectacular but some nice summer staples.

They also took a good number of my old summer clothes that I'm not interested in any more. I had to take it all down there freshly laundered or dry cleaned and on hangers. But they were fast and efficient in looking my stuff over and giving me an honest assessment. I didn't think to ask if they will only keep it for a specific amount of time but they'll give me 40% of what they sell it all for. Which is better than whatever I would have gotten at any other thrift shop. If anything it's inspired me to double my closet cleaning efforts and find some hidden gems that I've lost in the back recesses.

And I can't tell you how good the service was! I had called them earlier in the week and Wendy, one of the owners, was patient enough to answer all of my questions and explain everything to me and was even more helpful when I was in the store.

Really the only detraction is the fact that it's so far from me in Mississauga. I'm really happy that, with a little effort and some research there are a whole bunch of plus size stores available to me.

And a whole wealth of wonderful, friendly, beautiful plus size ladies out there.

Feb. 16th, 2009

miss piggy
Well, I finally got around to picking up my new dress, as seen in this post. And I couldn't have been more disappointed!

I'm sure it would have been very cute in a size 2 but when they decided to make it for a plus size figure they didn't change the pattern at all. It was completely ill fitting and not flattering in any way. The hem was way shorter than shown, the v neck barely covered my boobs, and the cap sleeves might as well have been spaghetti straps.

And now I have to try and return it via the mail, which I have never successfully done. I'm hoping Alloy is at least reliable with that.

On a slightly bright note, I also ordered a pair of yoga pants which also came with the dress, and they fit pretty reliably. They're miles too long but that's nothing new, a quick trip to the dry cleaners fixed that right up.

Feb. 12th, 2009

beth ditto peace

Beth looks fierce as hell on the new cover of Love. I've never heard of the mag before but I can't help but love anything that puts a pic like this on the cover.

Jessica Simpson is not fat

miss piggy
I don't really get all the Jessica Simpson hate. The only thing she's guilty of is not wearing flattering clothing. And while yes, she has packed on a few pounds, it's only that noticable because she used to have such a bangin' bod. And really who's going to look good at this angle wearing mom jeans?

Personally, I think the bigger problem is the fact that these so called fat pictures of her have been splashed all over for everyone to see! It seems wildly irresponsable when over ten million people struggle with eating disorders and body image issues to talk about someone like J.Simp as being fat.

I guess it should be noted that after the inital backlash from the "fat" pictures, the gossip magazines flipped the story and used the pics again saying that she's now "fat and happy".

Jan. 25th, 2009

miss piggy

I went to see John Pinette last night and I cannot fully express how hilarious he really was. My cheeks hurt from laughing so much. Add on top of that that he played at the Winter Garden Theatre downtown which was like walking to a Shakespearian fantasy land. There was a canopy of leafy branches all above us with lanterns hanging and some crazy murals.

I can't tell you how much I loved it.

It's the summer of dresses!

beth ditto nude
Despite temperatures dipping below -30 outside, I have a huge desire to wear a dress.

This is really the first time in my life I've ever felt like this. I think I've worn pants every day for the last decade, perhaps only deviating from that for a pair of capris when it gets really hot.

But I figured I should indulge this whim while it's still fresh, so I bought this dress from Alloy.

I've never bought anything from their online store before so I'm really hoping their sizes fit well and that it's not too short. It'll be a bitch to return if I don't like it.

Anyways, here's to hoping.

Supervision required

Ina Garten
Left to my own devices I'm a horrible decision maker.

I attempted to go through my clothes this morning and discovered that I can rationalize just about anything. I only ended up getting rid of a half dozen shirts, two pairs of pants, and a pair of shoes. While it's a good start and my room is cleaner now that some of my laundry has been put away, I wasn't able to weed out my clothes like I was hoping.

Ideally what I'd like is for someone to help me. A home version of What Not To Wear if you will. (I'm obsessed with that show again. I can't get enough of Stacey and Clinton)

I think I'll have to have my friend Heather over to help me with my closet dilemma. She has a cute style and I trust her to be honest with me.

2009 = 200FINE

Miss Piggy - beauty
I need to fix so many things in my life but I've decided 2009 will be the year or solutions and thinking positively.

One of my main goals for this year is to actually develop some style. I think it's about time, quite frankly. This March I'll be turning 25 and it's time I transitioned out of jeans and a tshirt every day. It's time, dare I say, that I grew up.

My problem is (one of many) that I'm not really sure how to go about ~cultivating~ my own style as plus size fashion choices are few and far between. And it seems that my dream of Stacy and Clinton coming to my rescue is not going to happen, I need to take matters into my own hands. I think my first task for the month of January will be to organize my bedroom.

Yeah, you can see why this needs to be my first project. My closet, dresser, and two (yes, two) high boys house just about every piece of clothing I've worn since grade 12 that hasn't fallen apart or worn out. (and tbh some that has and I keep for "sentimental" reasons)

It's definitely not realistic for me to be throwing everything out since I have a grand total of $163 to my name. Which come to think of it, is probably technically VISA's as I owe them more money than I care to admit to here. But I'd at least like to go through and get rid of anything that's stained, torn, worn out, ill fitting, ugly or forgotten about.

Ok, that has the potential to be a lot of my cloths as I seem to have the same items in heavy rotation but I'm hoping this purge will unearth some hidden gems.

Wish me luck!

Torrid: So disappointing

Miss Piggy - beauty
Perhaps it was a combination of things but I was so disappointed in the selection Torrid is carrying right now! Some friends and I made the 90+ minute drive down to Buffalo this past weekend to do a little shopping and check out the boxing day sales and there was barely anything there!

Ok, there was stuff on the shelves but it was either overpriced (and crappy quality) or they only had the really big/small sizes or it was just plain ugly. I left buying only two thermal knit tops and one bra (that proved to be rather unsupportive). I don't know if it's just my taste in clothing has changed but I can remember having a hard time narrowing down what I could afford to buy from what I wanted to buy! And this time... nothing.

And I can't tell you how disappointing it is to want to shop and not to find anything that seems worth the price.


Work it out!

beth ditto peace
Nothing makes me happier than seeing big girls with confidence. And SecretTrois has it in spades. These girls turn it out in every video they post. And have to put up with some harsh comments and criticism from the haters. But dispite, or maybe because of it, these three ladies continue to post some amazing videos.